Posted by: robinsonwarner | September 6, 2008

Hypocrisies Abound

I have found it interesting that over the last few days much ado has been made about this absolutely crazy bitch Sarah Palin.  Listen, I get it.  She’s a woman and she’s worked hard to get where she’s at.   But this woman has more of a corrupt past than Warren Harding.  I am not trying to discount her hard work on the PTA in Alaska, but I know very many competent men and women who have been on the PTA in my local town, but that in no way makes them competent to be the second most powerful person on the planet.  She also attended five colleges in six years.  For someone who in her speech ridiculed Obama for “flip flopping” she seems to be doing a fair amount of changing her own mind. 

However, the incongruity that bothers me the most, after astutely pointed out by my friend Emma, deals with Palin’s daughter deciding to have her baby at the age of seventeen.  Now I’m glad that she has decided to keep the baby, but all the conservative pundits have been praising Sarah Palin for being an excellent mother and encouraging her daughter to “choose life” and letting “God extend their family”

Now what I’m very curious about is whether or not the same would be said about Sarah Palin’s parenting skills if she were black or latino.  Let’s say, hypothetically, that Obama’s daughters were a little bit older and one of them got pregnant out of wedlock and decided to keep the baby.  The backlash would be centered very exclusively around the fact that Michelle and Barack were bad parents and they were draining the welfare system because of some of the negative and largely racist rhetoric about black families in America.



  1. Well, Robin, your comments on Sarah Palin’s family and parenting choices have been repudiated as sexist and offbase by women all across the country and all across the political and journalistic spectrum, ranging from Geraldine Ferraro to Jane Swift to Sally Quinn of the Washington Post. And, of course, even Obama and Biden have repudiated the comments on Palin’s family as out of bounds and hypocritical. After all, when Biden was nominated, no one condemned him for spending every week in Washington DC for 30 years while his school teacher wife raised their family in Wilmington Delaware. So…you might want to do some re-thinking and realize that Sarah Palin is to Barack Obama what Barack Obama was to Hillary Clinton — they both break molds and glass ceilings and we should celebrate both! And now on to a great, exciting election battle!

  2. There is nothing sexist at all about what I have said. “All women” is a fairly bold assumption to make when I personally know many women who don’t believe so.

    I completely agree that it should be out of bounds to comment on her family and personal life but I can’t help but remember the Republicans being terribly concerned with Bill Clinton’s family and personal life during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

    If these things are irrelevant to politics, why was it ok for Republicans to talk about it eight years ago?

    Is it now unacceptable because it is a Republican being scrutinized?

    I agree that there is a certain level of sexism that is present in those who are critical of her decisions regarding her family based on gender roles, but I strongly recommend a more careful reading of my blog to note that the post on which you commented is concerned more with race and the rhetoric surrounding it. I am merely pointing out something startling that I have heard many times on the O’Reilly Factor or other polarizing conservative figures praising this woman’s parenting skills and the daughter’s choice in keeping the child. This is a wonderful CHOICE that she has the ability to make.

    My curiosity extends more exclusively to what people would say if, for example of one Sen. Obama’s daughters got pregnant. I am saying, because of many of the tropes about African Americans and the welfare system the parents, namely Michelle and Barack Obama would be publicly vilified for their poor parenting skills and ultimately putting an added strain on the already ridiculously underfunded welfare system.

    Sarah Palin, as a white PERSON, not woman, and being Pro-Life has the privilege, because of the color of her skin, the escape the tropes often associated with teen pregnancy. You, my dear Uncle Chris, whom I believe Republican and all, brought up the issue of sex.

    I completely agree that there should be no comments about her daughter and her pregnancy. It is terribly irrelevant and I understand that all public servants, especially at this high of a level in politics make some sacrifices in their families for the good of their country. However, what I am more concerned with is race and whether what is being said about Palin and her daughter, albeit completely inappropriate, is a result of the color of her skin.

    I’m sending your sons copies of the The Communist Manifesto for Christmas by the way.

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