Posted by: robinsonwarner | September 13, 2008

The Ultimate Chick Flick Movie Title

This is the ultimate chick flick title: 

When Harry Met The Traveling Notebook Sisterhood of Dirty Dancing Ya-Ya on a Holiday at My Best Friend’s Wedding


Try to come up with your own!



  1. An officer and a gentleman spent 50 First Dates Trying to Help Stella get her groove back until they were Sleepless in Seattle

  2. yes! that is what i’m talking about!

  3. The English Patient who grew Steel Magnolias while eating Fried Green Tomatoes writing about his Affair to Remember until the “You’ve Got Mail” message interrupted him with an email from a Pretty Woman.

  4. Love Actually is My Big Fat Greek Breakfast at Tiffany’s While You Were Sleeping on the Titanic with The Wedding Planner with the Notebook and a Mona Lisa Smile

  5. that is also quite good. i think the new rule should be you’re only allowed two non title related prepositions. who is with me?

  6. 10 things i hate about vicky cristina barcelona’s holiday on the titanic to notting hill for a breakfast at tiffany’s in her devil wears prada 27 dresses after she has become a runaway bride and now spends autumn in new york dirty dancing on the crossroads

  7. fuck you, robin. i love you. pillar.

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