Posted by: tomkennedy | September 18, 2008

Enter Sandman

            Unless you’re Benjamin Franklin, who we’re all aware eliminated sleep from his list of habits*, sleep is something that we all partake in at the end of day.  For me at least, sleeping is an event I look forward to every waking moment that I am, well, awake.  The reason for this being that my dreams are, and my friends can attest to this, for more entertaining than anyone else’s.  For example, my dream last night found me moments after the Empire State Building had been attacked by terrorists (FSM forbid) and I was the only one capable of locating the culprits and bringing them to justice.  Pretty tame right?  Well, keep in mind that I was accompanied by none other than my 3rd grade elementary school teacher, John Stamos and Bob Saget (I had been watching Full House).  If that wasn’t odd enough, instead of taking public transportation or running or walking, we baseball slid everywhere around the city.  That’s right, we took a three to four step run and then slid for as long as we wanted.  To put it in perspective, that dream will fall into the upper-middle class of weirdness that I’ve encountered in dreamland.


But this post isn’t about the weirdness of dreams.  Too many pages have been written about that subject and I wouldn’t have anything to add.  Furthermore, I’m sure no one found the recount of my dream very interesting because it didn’t have anything to do with them.  I’m not sure where I heard it but the following quip illustrates my point perfectly, “Hearing about other peoples’ dreams is like hearing about other peoples’ sex: it sounds greatly exaggerated and isn’t interesting unless it involves you.”


No, this post is about how you dream, not what you dream about.  I find it so interesting that just about anything a human can do, he or she can do in a number of different ways.  Because of that, I enjoy observing people and cataloging the silly things that they do.  The human race is quite entertaining.


With that said, the way that I sleep is as follows:  I lay on my right side, with my left leg up in a Captain Morgan-esque bend.  My left arm is wrapped around the top of a pillow that is spooning with my body while my hand is tucked underneath .  While this is going on my right arm is tucked firmly underneath my right side with my right hand underneath my right hip.  To me, this is the most comfortable position to sleep in and I cannot fathom a way that would be better.


So my question to you is this: how do you sleep?  To you, what is the most comfortable way to recharge your battery?









*Which is actually untrue as that is impossible; he merely shrunk his sleep intervals to such a short amount of time that it did not interfere with his work.





  1. funny, you’re totally right about the dream issue, telling dreams to people makes them YAWN.

    Ur dream was it preceded by a burrito from 7-11? Some icecream with a beer chaser? They say dreaming vividly is related to food…

  2. that’s funny you should say that because i did have a burrito for dinner

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