Posted by: tomkennedy | October 1, 2008

Small Victories Part I

Let’s face it.  The world is a rough place to live in right now.  The American economy is in absolute shambles, wars rage all over the globe for various reasons, and the epitome of masculinity – Clay Aiken – has recently shocked the world by coming out of the closet (where have all the cowboys gone?).  During such turbulent times, it becomes quite difficult to find that light at the end of the tunnel.  However, and I’m sure you will agree, some of the smallest victories that we encounter on a daily basis can be the most rewarding.  With that said, Rob and I bring to you, in an attempt to illustrate that it really is about the little things, a series of articles titled “Small Victories”.  Enjoy.


The “Random ‘Bless you’” – I was walking to my car yesterday and before I unlocked the door I let out a doozy of a sneeze.  It was one of those sneezes that make your back hurt.  Before I could even get out the obligatory “excuse me”, a random passerby quietly said to me, “God bless you”.  Now I’m not what you would call a religious person, so the God part didn’t really do it for me, but that was quite the sweet thing to do.  Letting another human being know that you know they exist and are looking out for them is one of the highest compliments one can pay.


The “Cash in the Pocket” – The only people who haven’t experienced this are nudists.  Putting on a pair of pants and reaching into the pockets to find a long lost folded up $10 bill is a reward that can only be equaled by the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Even though that bill technically never left your pocket and therefore remained a part of your net worth, you feel as if the laundry fairy herself has rewarded you for putting up with her sock-snatching ways.  That sneaky bitch.


The “Remote Control” – A lot of people, especially those born after the invention of the remote control, take this victory for granted.  Every time I sit on the couch and control the TV from across the room I thank the FSM that I’m not my parents.  Could you possibly imagine having to get up and manually change the channel from ESPN on 35 to HBO on 304?  Switching between the game and the movie would be enough to drive even Gandhi to exclaim, “Fuck this shit!”


The “Genuine Compliment” – We’ve all received compliments before, they’re nothing new.  And I’m sure that if you have a great quality about yourself, say you have extraordinarily blue eyes, you’ve heard it all before.  However, it’s not until you receive a genuine compliment about a subtle quality of yours, or a quality that you feel goes unlooked, that you realize how disarming and heart warming a compliment can be.  I was told recently that I make people “comfortable with themselves” with the way that I engage them.  Seriously, how fucking sweet is that?  There’s nothing more uplifting and inflating to one’s ego than something like that.


Hopefully I helped you realize that while the proverbial shit is hitting the fan everywhere else in the world, things can still be looked at with a brand new pair of rose-colored shades.



  1. You’re both absolutely brilliant at writing – I hope you do it for a living! I just came across your blog during a bleak afternoon of job applications and it’s made my day.

  2. Tell all your friends! Thank you for the positive feedback and we appreciate your readership. Make sure you go back and read the older stuff too. Thanks!


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