This blog was started initially as a time filler as I am a night owl and I needed something constructive to do past 1 am.  It turned into something much more for me.  I am currently using it now as an outlet for my improving my writing, my thought process, and my need to connect with others in a sometime serious and mostly absurd way.  Most of my musings are the result of just a few minutes of reminiscing, notes I’ve taken during college about the awkward, absurd, hilarious and sometimes hidden connections in between life, society and people. 

As is perhaps evident in my writing I take myself as seriously as you will let me.  It depends on whether or not you connect with the kernel of truth in the writing.

A word about the title of the blog.  The inspiration for this title was inspired by a song by the indy hip-hop group Atmosphere.  The song is called “Scapegoat” which is a song that is unorthodox in that there is not the usual posturing and verbal sparring common to hip-hop, but rather it is a four minute list of the supposed scapegoats for all of society’s problems.  So the idea of using the word “scapegoat” in the title was thanks to Atmosphere.  I also then thought about how, as citizens and members of society, we are always constantly being told what is to blame.  Whether it is liberals, conservatives, tax cuts, terrorism, violence in video games, underage sex, or evil cereal commercials, there is always a convincing argument as to why that particular thing is the scapegoat.

So the purpose of this blog is to herd them all into different preposterous posts that show how some things can always be the subject of blame for something.  Hence the title, “Herding Scapegoats”.  Hopefully this will be updated between two to three times a week.  This might become less like clockwork depending on the week, but it will most likely be updated on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. 

The blog is also devoted to recognizing the common experiences in all of us and being able to laugh about it.

What is to blame is really all relative to your perspective.  The logical connections between things might be strained or arbitrary, but they are still there none the less.  My writing is of course not always perfect and might be riddled with grammatical or spelling errors, but please forgive me.  This is my vice.

I hope you all laugh at least once while reading my material and also stop to think as well.  I really appreciate feedback (positive and negative, critical and full of praise) and any further insights.  Thank you all for tuning in.


  1. Night owl? laughing? laid back, dang! You got my interest! write on, bra’ ! grammar mistakes are not a judgeable offense by me. I’ll be uh, over here in the corner, reading your stuff, K?

  2. This blog is also an outlet for me to become rich and famous and then give a small percentage to Rob for allowing me to mooch off of his fanbase. Much love Robby.

  3. Tom, now worries, I’m an equal opportunity reader, I’m sure I’ll be fans of both of you real soon.

  4. of course I meant to say NO worries. gahhh! where is the edit button on this thing?

  5. Hello Robin. Ran into your Dad on the beach yesterday. Thought you might enjoy this…Ken, my baby brother, was national on Air America last week and they posted his YouTube Video on Eddie Shultz’s Website and Air America too…cool for Ken.

    This is a “for air” quality recording of “Brain To Nowhere” by singer/songwriter Ken Lonnquist of Madison, WI


    This is the link to the YouTube Video

    Maybe you could add it to you blog.

    Hope you are well and hope to see you at Holiday Time.

    Tom Lonnquist

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